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Life’s a picnic

Rufford Notts

It’s been a summer of picnics. That’s not to say we’ve been blessed with the best weather this year, only that we’ve taken advantage of every bit of sunshine that’s come our way.

As soon as there’s been just a teeny hint of summer in the weather forecast and a break in the clouds, we’ve dashed out with picnic blanket in one hand and cool box in the other. A quick trip to the supermarket to grab the essential ingredients enroute and then we’ve been off in search of the perfect picnic spot.

Admittedly our outdoor feasts have been more makeshift than Henley Regatta: Think egg-and-cress sarnies, salad bowls and lemonade rather than picnic hampers, champagne and candelabra. But that’s more than ok as we’ve had a ball finding the perfect parkland spots with the best views.

There’s more to a good picnic than the food. We’ve enjoyed outdoor feasts in various spots across the Midlands including Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire with games of cricket our soundtrack. We’ve set up camp in wild meadows in Rufford Abbey, found a quiet spot in Yorkshire’s Nostell Priory and relished the peace and quiet in a small corner of Belton Park in Lincolnshire. Then there was the time we watched deer grazing on the glorious Chatsworth House estate in Derbyshire.

There have been times when we’ve just chilled out with the Sunday papers, others when we have taken our picnic to enjoy at the end of a long walk. Then there have been times when it’s been an opportunity to get together with family and have a real good catch-up. Picnics: what’s not to love?

Belton Lincs


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