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Bring on the new season


‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful,’ so the William Morris saying goes. That’s all well and good but with a home now full of belongings that I find both useful and pretty damn gorgeous, it does make it difficult to start any kind of mass clear-out.

Since moving into my house eight years ago I seem to have steadily accumulated tonnes of items that I now can’t bare to part with. As the domestic goddess that I am (ahem!), I’ve never been keen on clutter and so I’ve always got around this dilemma by temporarily hiding items away. I regularly swap lamps, pictures, vases and candle holders around so each get to see the light of day before being stored away again. Somehow they never get thrown away or recycled. Spotting this sign though (above) in a National Trust property made me chuckle.

Things really are beginning to ‘accumulate’ to dangerous levels in my cupboards. To the untrained eye, the house may look fairly tidy but open any cupboard and you take your life into your hands. Negotiating the rather full cupboards and drawers is quite a skill; Get the timing just a little bit wrong and there’s the danger you’ll be injured by an errant falling item. The kitchen cupboards, in particular, could certainly benefit from a bit of a ‘spring clean.’

This weekend being a Bank Holiday is as good a time as any, I guess, to tackle the issue. In fact what better time could there be as we’re on the brink of a new season. Yep, before you say anything, I haven’t gone completely mad quite yet and I do realise that we’re running headlong into autumn and that it’s not spring.

Don’t you think autumn though is a much better time to have a clear-out? For many of us this time of year still heralds the start of a new term and fresh start. Even those of us whose school years have long gone, that September feeling still brings with it a sense of the new and that urge to plan ahead and make lists. September? Bring it on! Today you’ll find me clearing the decks and making space.


1 thought on “Bring on the new season”

  1. It’s so easy for things to start to accumulate. We had a massive spring cleaning a few years ago, but I’m amazed how quickly new things have taken their place. We’re trying to be careful, but it’s trickier when you have kids. Maybe when they’re both away at college in a few years, we’ll be better able to reduce once and for all.

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