You’re here! Welcome…. Come on in. When I set up this blog it was like organising a party and not knowing if anyone was going to turn up. I madly typed away and then sat back nervously waiting. So, thanks for stopping by.

As I started writing, my aim was to make the next 12 months a year to remember: a vintage year, so to speak. (Click here to find out more about my fresh start) My blog was my way of pushing the reset button, embracing change and grabbing every opportunity that came along. We all need to push the reset button every now and again.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your positive attitude throughout your posts and your inspiring reflections on your life and how you’re facing it! Awesome job at setting a challenge for yourself. Unless we embrace change and remain teachable in life we don’t grow as a person. Congratulations for the evidence that you’re “growing forward”.

    1. When I started the blog it was simply a way of motivating myself to do something different. I send the words out there into the blogosphere and never ever imagine that it actually lands anywhere and is read by a real person…. So thank you for your lovely comment!

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